New Jargoneer Video Thursday, 08 December 2011

We’ve got a new video that shows off Jargoneer. A word game isn’t complete without a fun video, right?

Jargoneer: A Word Game For Android Releases Thursday, 01 December 2011

Jargoneer released today on the Android Market! Jargoneer is a new word game, using a completely original concept. You compete against multiple players, but you play at your own pace, even when your phone isn’t connected to the Internet.

Have you ever played Scrabble, and wished you could spell longer words, and demonstrate your creativity and sense of humor more? With Jargoneer, you can.

You can either solve one puzzle after another as fast as you like, or you can spend a long time perfecting a solution that will top the high score charts. For each puzzle, you can see how your solution rates computer to solutions created by other players.

You rack up more points by finding cool words, and by showing your creativity and flair in how you craft your solutions.

Check out the video above, and buy it on Android Market. You’ll be on the top score charts in no time!

Music by Pradio used with permission. Thanks for the great track!